About The Company

The fashion industry is one place where you will find, that teamwork is the most crucial part. As a saying goes, ‘Teamwork divides the task, multiplies the Success’, it always stands true, in every aspect of our life. In fashion industry and textile industry, teamwork makes wonders happen. Let’s look how, you need designs and ideas to come out with bright and out of the box ideas for the best fashion show or the apparels for them, then you need ideas for both, which can be sourced from not just a single person, but a group. That’s what we do! At our company, each member is unique and all their ideas and solutions have been given the topmost priority and they do work on the same line. The company was itself started by a small team, who had a solo intention of becoming a great label in the fashion industry one day, and today our name stands a testimonial for it.

As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of men’s apparel, we have a team of in-house designers and in-house tailors who first get the first glimpse of the design and after approval from all the related team members, we proceed to the design and textile approval. In between every team member is given a chance to give suggestions for change or for retaining.

Our team consists of not just fashion experts but also the textile engineering students who can tell us, as to which way of stitching and the necessary equipment’s to bring out the best style, live. The whole bundle of a fabric is brains work of many people, the fashion designer, the fabric specialist, the specialised and professional tailor, a higher fashion approver, and the final manager who approves the style. This later gets the nod from the higher levels and is then finalised for many lots. It is never a one-man thing, and can never be that way!