Guide to Choose the Best Tees!

Tees or t-shirts are common, easiest apparel we see today. Every man’s wardrobe is filled with at least 20 tees which never have any particular design difference. Not just man, but even women find tees as the most comfortable apparel, which one can have in a wardrobe. Do you think that even tees need a guideline and a proper matchmaking to buy one? Wondering if we are a little maniac? Well, definitely not!! We understand that these amazing tees are a great way tothese amazing tees are a great way to be worn on many occasions; like for office, parties, functions, events and even at home, the same garment all over. We have seen people wearing a tee until it tears apart on its own! Few even love it so much that they try to repair and wear the same (wonder smiles)!
We have seen people shopping in bulk, the tees from the same brand sometimes even either of the same colours or same pattern too, well men don't take care of it, while women shop from the same brand, different colours and types- the same tee.  

Well here are some tips and guidelines in choosing the best tees or t-shirts; the way you love to be called. Before we commence, its advised that when you take our tips, please pay attention to those apparels and the style of it, the main parameters to be considered are: colour, fabric, style, and the purpose or function of it

Fit, check out for the right fitting:

We see, people wearing apparels 2 types; one fitting absolutely perfect, and the other one wearing as loose as possible, the cloth would be flattering on them. a man should be exposing his best attributes while selecting a cloth, which would make him look good, not just for himself but for others as well.

Here are a few tips to choose your fitting:

Sleeves check: sleeves basically should never exceed your elbow. If the arms are bigger, then buy shorter sleeves and give them few folds, to get that manly look. Buy them fitted at the arms, so that the fit from the top is best.

Shoulders fitting: the right tee will get the seams sitting on your shoulders absolutely perfect. Anything that is a little loose, or slightly tight, will never look good on you. Seams are the perfect way to get your size right!

Length of the tees: the length of the tee should be long, just enough to be tucked into the trousers. Don’t get the one whose length goes up to your thighs, or those that sticks up near the waist.

Near the Abdomen: as we said earlier, few people wear it like a ladies blouse, where every detail is visible. If your body is great with tones abs, then nothing wrong, else it would look a little flattering. So, buy the one that it little loose at the abs, that just gives you space to breathe.

Neck fit: this is one of the important fitting parts, which makes your look or breaks. We see people whose neck is so loose, that the tee might look falling off; else, it would be squeezing in the breath.


The right form is the one, which allows you to lift your hands-free and drop it down as easy as possible. Colours are the second important parameter in choosing the right tee. It’s imperative that you choose the one based on your skin tone, and not to your liking. As they say, goes ‘Bold is beautiful’, yes it holds true always!! But, choose the one that is close your skin tone, not contrasting one. Have a mix of basics; like the white, grey, red, black and the navy blue. Let’s see the colours that gel with a certain group of people.

White: It’s a magical colour that goes well, with everyone. A classic piece that should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe, is a plain white tee, or slightly printed; goes well with any pants.

Grey: they say, ‘grey stands for Gratitude’! Well, this colour is absolutely a winner of all times! Is there anyone who doesn’t have a tee in this colour? Never! Well, one thing to remember is that it needs proper care; else the stains would make it look worse.

Red: this colour stands for the power, boldness and beauty in itself.

Black: a stunning beauty at all times, the trend never goes out. Just as white, this one pair well with any pant.

Navy blue: this colour is like all seasons at once, suit all the seasons and events.